London Football Tickets

Buying Tickets For Football Matches in London and Europe

We recommend buying tickets to football matches and other sporting events through authorised sites, including second-hand sites, but never from ticket touts or from sites that do not give you a guarantee.

We recommend the following secure sites that also offer a level of guarantee: – Good for all the English football matches, including teams like Arsenal and Manchester United. Also useful for matches in Europe.

Ticket Compare – A price comparison site between the various sites that sell tickets. – Especially good for Tottenham Hotspur tickets, but most teams are available here. – Especially good for Tottenham Hotspur and Fulham tickets. – Especially good for Aston Villa tickets and to view matches schedule in Europe, especially in Spain.

SportsEvents365 – A great site that works in multiple languages, with multiple language support where you can find tickets to most English matches, including the Premier League as well as many European league matches, including UEFA Champions League,  UEFA Euro 2016 and many more. –  tickets for Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City Tickets but most teams are available here – we got some bed reviews about Viagogo lately.

Golden Tours – Sometimes have special match deal or Stadium Tour



Sporting events and especially football are like another religion for many British people, tickets to important events like semi-finals or derby match (such as Arsenal V Chelsea) are usually hard to find or very expensive and we therefore recommend you book early.

Sometimes tickets are limited to members or season ticket holders only and in these circumstances we recommend you buy a second-hand ticket, one which was brought by someone who can no longer attend (ticket returns).

London Football Tickets – How Does It Work?

Tickets for the larger football teams in London such (Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, West Ham United, Fulham) are all sold first to members or season ticket holders. The priority on these lists depends on what type of membership you have.

As an example Arsenal has 4 levels:

Platinum / Gold Members

Silver Members

Junior Gunners Members

Red Members

On their official page you can see which tickets are currently available for sale to which matches and which level. Remember, these are the official tickets and you may still be able to find second-hand tickets on some of the sites listed above.

There is also a level called Non Member, although the chances of tickets being available at this level are slim to none, unless the team is doing particularly badly in the season and their supporters have given up or its a particularly uninteresting match, such as between the team and minor team or near the end of the season where the match has less impact on the overall position of the team in the league.

Your Options For London Football Tickets

Option 1 – Membership

Become a member of your chosen football team at the begging of the season and then follow the team website to see when tickets at your membership level become available for sale. This is recommended if you are planning on going to see many matches or are regularly in London. You should note that one membership will only allow you to buy one ticket per match and sometimes there is a waiting list for membership.

Option 2 – Club or Box

Buy a Club Level Membership (several thousand pounds) or a private box (several tens of thousands of pounds) at your favoured stadium. This is recommended if you are a business, plan to go to many matches, or can afford it.

Option 3 – Second Hand Tickets


Buy your tickets from members who have already purchased tickets but then are not able to go to a match (second-hand tickets), sometimes this may even be your only option for matches that are officially sold out or very popular. This is also an opportunity to find cheaper tickets to less popular matches. This is also, in our opinion, the best option for tourists or those who see only the occasional match. You should be aware that tickets may not be cheap, and regularly pass £100 for important matches.

If you do decide to go for this option, we strongly recommend you only use sites that provide a guarantee, where you can be sure the tickets are real and the seller only receives your money once you have the tickets in your hands, we have highlighted a few of these sites that we believe are trustworthy: – Good for all the English football matches, including Arsenal. Also useful for matches in Europe. – Especially good for Tottenham Hotspur tickets, but most teams are available here. – Especially good for tickets for Chelsea, Manchester United and Manchester City Tickets but most teams are available here. – Especially good for Tottenham Hotspur and Fulham tickets. – Especially good for Aston Villa tickets and to view matches schedule in Europe, especially in Spain.

What Not To Do

Do not buy tickets from ticket touts, especially not outside the football stadiums or on sites like eBay or gumtree. This is illegal, but you could also end up with fake tickets and loosing your money, if you do, not only will you be out-of-pocket, this may be the only football you see in London:

European Football Match Tickets

Like in London, most European football clubs operate a membership scheme, and if you are not a member you may not find tickets, we therefore recommend the following sites for Europe wide football matches:

ticketbis – stubhub – viagogo – getmein

Tickets for Sporting Events and Extreme Sports


The most popular sports in England are: Football, Tennis, Rugby and Cricket… but there are many other sports in the UK which you can find tickets for.

We have summarised a list of sites where you can find tickets to sporting events in London and sporting events where you can take part too.

Groupon Sport’s page is a good start to find tickets and special offer for sporting events and money off for sporting activities you can take part in.

If you are looking for extreme sports or outdoor activities you can find a whole range at:, paintball and Go Ape are favourites of ours.

Tickets To Sold Out Sporting Events

A Tour Of Arsenal Stadium (The Emirates Stadium)

A great football experience, although it does not include watching a match, is a tour of the famous Emirates Stadium, the home of Arsenal football club in London.

Tours are available on days when no match is due to be played and you can book yours here.

More stadium tours:

Chelsea FC Stadium Tour and Museum

London Stadium Tour (Former Olympic Stadium)

Twickenham World Rugby Museum and Stadium Tour

Wembley Stadium Tour

Premier League 2017-2018

You can see The Premier league play time table here for 2017/2018 with soccer teams like:

  1. Leicester City
  2. Arsenal
  3. Tottenham Hotspur
  4. Manchester City
  5. Southampton
  6. Manchester United
  7. West Ham United
  8. Liverpool
  9. Stoke City
  10. Chelsea
  11. Everton
  12. Swansea City
  13. Watford
  14. West Bromwich Albion
  15. Crystal Palace
  16. Bournemouth
  17. Sunderland
  18. Newcastle United
  19. Norwich City
  20. Aston Villa


*Disclaimer: We can not guarantee any tickets you purchase for third-party sites, so we recommend you read their terms and conditions and ensure there is sufficient time for your tickets to arrive if you have selected the post as your delivery method. Our recommendations are limited to the sites mentioned, but we do not guarantee the quality or service received for those sites.

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