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We know how it feels arriving in a new city, trying to find your way around, and ending up at the same few places all tourists go to anyway.

Ask a local in London blog

London has a lot more to offer than tourist places, and in our blog , “ask a local in London”, we share our knowledge of the city, as locals, with visitors, to enhance your experience and make sure you get to just about everything you dreamed of doing in London.

In this blog, you can find more general questions, and get some ideas for a successful vacation in London.

AskALocal_icon_1024x1024 Ask a local App

Ask a Local app allows you to ask our team in London any question, and get an answer that is based on personal experiences of our locals who know their cities inside-out.

Our App lets the user easily provide details, such as age, budget, location and specific questions, which help us give you a personally tailored answer. You will receive a push notification when your question has been answered.

If you’d like to ask us your question please download the Ask a Local app for free from the Google play for Android.

App for iPhone/iPad will come soon.